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Phase Change Material (PCM)
Phase change material (PCM) heat exchangers are often used in thermal systems that have cyclic heat rejection requirements. PCM heat exchangers are to a thermal system what a capacitor is to an electrical system or an accumulator is to a hydraulic system. These devices store or release thermal energy through the melting and freezing of PCM. PCMs can be custom tailored to suit the target operating temperature of your system. PCM heat exchangers allow systems to have high-density energy storage over very small temperature ranges by taking advantage of the latent heat associated with melting and freezing of the PCM.
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Typically, PCM heat exchangers are used in systems where radiators are sized for some nominal operating conditions, but temporarily high heat loads are expected. These peak heat loads are stored in the PCM temporarily until the heat load is reduced, at which time the radiator can reject the heat being stored in the PCM. This phenomenon becomes particularly useful in systems where precise temperature control is needed despite varying thermal loads.
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Mezzo’s microtube PCM devices provide a compact and efficient means for thermal energy storage. These microtube PCM devices usually consist of equally-spaced microtubes surrounded by PCM with coolant flowing through the tubes. Because thermal conduction paths are short and the PCM is uniformly distributed around the tubes, microtube PCM devices provide very efficient use of the phase change material.

In 2014, Mezzo worked with NASA Johnson Space Center to develop technology for using Water-Ice as a phase change material, allowing for 40% more dense energy storage than traditional wax PCM.

Mezzo's microtube construction provided new, promising solutions to the structural ice-expansion issue associated with using water as a phase change material.

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