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Use of microtubes in industrial shell and tube heat exchangers allows Mezzo to accommodate higher pressures and provide higher effectiveness than traditional shell and tube technology allows. Mezzo has built shell and tube heat exchangers for applications ranging from inch-long oil coolers moving only a few kilowatts, to air-air heat exchangers measuring several feet long, moving more than 1 megawatt. Mezzo is well equipped to provide heat exchangers for the most demanding applications and has experience designing high-temp heat exchangers with working temperatures well over 1000°F and high-pressure heat exchangers that handle up to 8000PSI. The microtubes used are typically 304 stainless steel, but other options are available if your application necessitates different materials. Mezzo shell and tube heat exchangers offer the following performance attributes:

SIZE REDUCTION: For a given flow rate, heat load, and allowable pressure drop, Mezzo microtube heat exchangers are incredibly compact compared to conventional industrial shell and tube designs.

EXTREME PRESSURES: The advantages of Mezzo shell and tube heat exchangers are amplified in high pressure applications. Mezzo’s microtubes are well-suited to handling incredibly high pressures due to their small diameters. The reduction in core diameter associated with microtubes leads to reduction in the complexity and cost of the shell.

MANY CONFIGURATIONS AVAILABLE: Mezzo has a wide variety of baffle and multi-pass designs to accommodate a vast array of requirements. Mezzo also has proprietary designs that allow its products to withstand incredibly high pressures with ease when compared to conventional shell and tube architecture.

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One huge advantage of a Mezzo microtube heat exchanger in an industrial application is size reduction. Mezzo is often able to reduce the size of a traditional shell and tube heat exchanger so significantly that the cost is reduced merely because less material is needed for the shell and tubes. The following case study is a good example of this:
The water used in the cooling jacket of a reactor exits the reactor’s cooling jacket at 144°F at a rate of 1,890,000 lb/hr. Cooling is supplied via another water loop that enters the heat exchanger at 93°F at a rate of 2,590,000 lb/hr. Both water loops flow through a traditional shell and tube heat exchanger that measures 160” x 81” x 50”, transferring approximately 70,000,000 btu/hr. 10 PSI and 14.4 PSI pressure drops are experienced by the reactor water and cooling water, respectively.
Using microtubes, Mezzo is able to replace this unit with 2 smaller units (each measuring 16” in diameter and 64” in length) plumbed in parallel delivering identical thermal performance at a reduced pressure drop.
The advantages of such a significant size reduction include:
  1. reduced manufacturing cost
  2. reduced installation cost
  3. significantly increased flexibility of heat exchanger placement

Our customers require very high performance. We take great pride in designing, fabricating, and delivering products that meet your specifications on schedule and on budget. We are motivated by new, challenging projects and have both the engineering and manufacturing capabilities needed to complete the entire engineering process from concept to finished product.