Mezzo's Leadership Team

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Kevin kelly 002
Dr. Kevin Kelly


Dr. Kevin Kelly is the President and co-Founder of Mezzo. Dr. Kelly received his Ph. D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and served as a full-time faculty member of Louisiana State University’s Mechanical Engineering Department from 1993 - 2007. While at LSU, he directed heat transfer research programs that utilized the LiGA micromachining process to fabricate heat exchangers with micro channels. At Mezzo, Dr. Kelly has overseen Mezzo’s evolution from a company sustained primarily with research and development grants to one that now designs and manufactures microtube heat exchanger products for commercial customers who require extremely high thermal performance.

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Tony Giglio

Director of Engineering

Anthony Giglio joined Mezzo in 2013 and has since overseen all of Mezzo’s engineering efforts as the Director of Engineering. He received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Louisiana State University where his graduate work focused on gas turbine combustion. Prior to working at Mezzo, Mr. Giglio spent 5 years in the General Electric Energy‐Gas Turbine division working as a lead hot gas path heat transfer design engineer. At GE, Mr. Giglio designed numerous gas turbine components operating in high temperature, high pressure environments and was the heat transfer team leader for all rotating turbine hardware in GE’s next generation advanced gas turbine. He also has at least 12 patents pending in the area of gas turbine cooling designs. Mr. Giglio dedicates a large amount of his time to streamlining, improving and expanding Mezzo’s engineering protocols and capabilities, allowing Mezzo to continually improve the quality and capabilities of its microtube products.

Paul rodriguez 002
Paul Rodriguez

Director of Assembly

Paul Rodriguez is the Director of Assembly and manages all activities related to the assembly and testing of Mezzo’s heat exchangers. Prior to assuming his role at Mezzo, Mr. Rodriguez spent 32 years as Manager of the Louisiana State University (LSU) Chemical Engineering R&D Facility where he had the opportunity to design and build teaching and research equipment for a variety of departments at LSU. During his time at LSU, Mr. Rodriguez gained experience in a variety of CAD programs, CAM programs, manufacturing processes, and quality control methods. Mr. Rodriquez was also involved in the development of Hydroflame technology, a downhole steam generation technique used by the oil and gas industry. Aside from his managerial responsibilities, Mr. Rodriguez spends a considerable amount of time working to improve the assembly and testing techniques used on all Mezzo products.

John parker 002
John Parker

Director of Manufacturing

John Parker serves as Mezzo’s Director of Manufacturing and oversees all of the manufacturing and quality control of the sub-components used on Mezzo’s heat exchangers. With over 35 years of experience in aerospace and defense manufacturing environments, Mr. Parker is well equipped to oversee Mezzo’s large staff of machinists and CAM programmers. Prior to his position at Mezzo, Mr. Parker worked as the Director of Manufacturing for E.W. Yost Co. and team lead at John R. Bromiley Co. Mr. Parker’s broad understanding of manufacturing technology and methods has pushed Mezzo’s manufacturing processes to become both more effective and efficient.

Mark turner 002
Mark Turner

Director of Finance

Mark Turner has served as Mezzo’s Director of Finance since September 2012. Mr. Turner brings over 25 years of financial accounting experience, the vast majority of which was spent at small manufacturing companies, much like Mezzo. Prior to Mezzo, Mr. Turner spent 13 years as the CFO and Controller at PreSonus Audio Electronics. His experience has been valuable to Mezzo’s growth. Mr. Turner has played an important role in streamlining Mezzo’s project cost tracking, and he has implemented a new MRP system that keeps Mezzo’s projects running smoothly.

Our customers require very high performance. We take great pride in designing, fabricating, and delivering products that meet your specifications on schedule and on budget. We are motivated by new, challenging projects and have both the engineering and manufacturing capabilities needed to complete the entire engineering process from concept to finished product.