Markets Served

When performance matters, engineers trust Mezzo Technologies.


Mezzo products can provide weight and volume savings that are useful in aerospace. Some products that Mezzo has designed include:

  • High temp bleed air coolers
  • Oil-fuel heat exchangers
  • Radiators
  • Gas turbine recuperators
  • Cryogenic recuperators
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Automotive OEM

Mezzo’s heat exchangers are a great way to meet the ever increasing performance requirements of passenger vehicles. Lighter, more compact, more effective heat exchangers are incredibly useful when additional power or efficiency is needed. Mezzo’s products are ideal for:

  • Battery pack cooling
  • Oil/PS Fluid/ATF cooling
  • Fuel heating & cooling
  • Engine cooling
  • Intercooling
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Mezzo’s microtube technology is a great way to gain a competitive advantage in automotive racing applications. Whether increased thermal rejection or decreased size is needed, Mezzo is consistently able to provide improvements over traditional heat exchanger technologies.

  • Radiators for a variety of fluids
  • High-effectiveness liquid-air intercoolers and intercooler radiators
  • Oil coolers, fuel heaters, and many other compact, liquid-liquid heat exchangers


The incredible thermal performance and low air-side pressure drop make Mezzo’s microtube products an excellent choice for improving the efficiency of commercial vehicles. Mezzo's thermal products can be part of a thermal management solution that improves packaging, reduces drag, and improves fuel economy. The high effectiveness that our multi-pass intercoolers achieve lends them to getting more power and fuel economy out of your vehicle’s power plant and hydraulic systems. Mezzo offers:

  • Engine radiators with reduced pressure drops
  • High-effectiveness intercoolers
  • Low pressure drop oil coolers and fuel heaters

Industrial Process

Mezzo designs and fabricates recuperators for both high temp and cryogenic applications. When compared to conventional shell and tube technology, Mezzo’s recuperators are typically more compact and have higher effectiveness. Mezzo has designed both gas-gas and gas-liquid recuperators. Because of the incredibly high UA associated with Mezzo’s microtube products, cost savings can often be realized over conventional shell and tube heat exchangers due to the small comparative size of a Mezzo-designed replacement. Mezzo offers:

  • High-temperature recuperators
  • Cryogenic recuperators
  • Shell and Tube heat exchangers from several inches to several feet long
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Mezzo can provide products for military ground vehicles that provide the high thermal performance and low air-side pressure drop typical of our Auto Racing products. Mezzo understands the demanding structural requirements of the defense industry and accommodates those needs using slightly larger diameter tubes, thicker tube walls, and more robust structural components. We can typically match the performance of your existing tube and fin heat exchangers while significantly reducing size and weight. Mezzo offers:

  • Robust, single or multi-core radiators
  • Oil coolers and fuel heaters
  • Condensers and evaporators
  • Intercoolers and intercooler radiators