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Oil Coolers
Mezzo oil coolers are incredibly compact and offer lower fluid pressure drops and increased effectiveness over competing designs. Mezzo’s oil coolers can be provided in cylindrical or rectangular packages and are traditionally designed as a cartridge meant to be inserted into a shell. Mezzo can design and source shells as well, if needed. Our oil coolers are very popular in some of the most competitive levels of auto racing. We also make oil coolers for aerospace, commercial transportation, military ground vehicles and many other applications.
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Automotive Oil Cooler

Mezzo's oil cooler solutions are custom tailored to suit a customer's requirements. Whether a customer needs low oil pressure drop, low coolant pressure drop, or high heat transfer, Mezzo can design a solution to best optimize performance.
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Shown in the figures below are three Mezzo oil cooler designs. Each design shown is the same overall size, but has a different tube pattern. Mezzo can customize tube patterns to better meet the customer's needs for thermal performance and flow characteristics. Note that these numbers are only for one oil cooler size. Mezzo is able to provide oil coolers in many shapes, sizes, and with many different performance metrics.
Oil coolers heat transfer vs oil flow
Oil coolers oil pressure vs oil flow

Our customers require very high performance. We take great pride in designing, fabricating, and delivering products that meet your specifications on schedule and on budget. We are motivated by new, challenging projects and have both the engineering and manufacturing capabilities needed to complete the entire engineering process from concept to finished product.