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Mezzo's microtube radiators are quickly becoming the first choice for engineers seeking performance that exceeds standard tube and fin technology. The remarkably low air side pressure drop of Mezzo's microtube radiators has made them the first choice of the most competitive teams in Formula 1, LMP1, and Indycar. More recently, the benefits of Mezzo heat exchangers have helped to reduce the weight and size of military ground vehicle cooling packs and directed energy applications. Microtube cores also offer remarkable resistance to air-side fouling when compared to tube and fin designs.
Mezzo's commitment to the continuous improvement of its radiators' performance and construction has resulted in a deep understanding of how to meet the unique requirements of many industries. Whether your application needs a reduction in pressure drop, frontal area, weight, or increased heat transfer, Mezzo can use its unparalleled understanding of microtubes to give you the competitive advantage.

While the vast majority of radiators are rectangular, Mezzo appreciates that many customers require non-rectangular heat exchangers. Fortunately, Mezzo's microtube architecture lends itself to unusual radiator shapes.
Curved cores with constant tube length
Cores with varying length tubes and arched header tanks

One of Mezzo's most recent advances in radiator design is the introduction of its bolted architecture. The advantages of a radiator that requires no welding are numerous.

WEIGHT REDUCTION: Welding can reduce aluminum's yield strength by up to 80%. Because the aluminum in a bolted radiator maintains its temper, significant weight savings can be realized over welded designs. Bolted radiators also allow designers to use higher strength, non-weldable alloys, further increasing weight savings.

DIMENSIONAL ACCURACY: The elimination of welding distortion can yield a finished radiator with industry-leading dimensional accuracy.

EASE OF MAINTENANCE: The ability to remove the tanks and gain access to the end of the core allows the user to flush and dry the unit much more thoroughly.

REDUCED MANUFACTURING COST: By eliminating welding, the need for the design and procurement of welding fixtures is eliminated, reducing setup costs on the front end. In addition, recurring costs are reduced since no inspection process is needed to assess the quality of welds.

REDUCED MAINTENANCE COST: Complex header tanks can often account for a notable portion of a radiator's cost. Since bolted header tanks can be removed, they can be reused in the event that a core is damaged beyond repair.

IndyCar Radiator
Indy car case study
One of Mezzo's main microtube applications is the automotive racing radiator. Starting in 2014, Mezzo’s IndyCar radiator was approved for use in the IndyCar racing series on Dallara’s DW12 race cars. Teams could elect to use the Mezzo microtube radiator as a drop-in replacement which helped to remedy overheating and debris-fouling issues that plagued the existing tube and fin radiators. In fact, when fitted with a Mezzo microtube radiator on a hot track day, teams saw up to 8°C lower engine temperatures compared to the stock radiator.
For a more in-depth study into the Mezzo IndyCar rad and its benefits, see our “Why Microtubes” page.

Military Ground Vehicle Radiator
Radiator straight on view
For this project, Mezzo was approached by a defense contractor to improve upon the rectangular tube and fin radiator being used in an existing military ground vehicle. Since the customer already found that they could not meet their requirements using conventional tube and fin technology, they approached Mezzo. The requirements were as follows:
  • Reduce the unit’s height (and subsequently, the frontal area) from 0.75m to 0.5m
  • Maintain or reduce the unit’s width and depth
  • Reduce the unit’s weight by at least 25%
  • Maintain or increase the unit’s heat transfer
  • Maintain or reduce water-side pressure drop
  • Withstand g-force and vibration profiles provided by the customer
Mezzo was able to meet all of the dimensional, structural, and thermal requirements while reducing weight by over 47%, instead of the requested 25%.

Our customers require very high performance. We take great pride in designing, fabricating, and delivering products that meet your specifications on schedule and on budget. We are motivated by new, challenging projects and have both the engineering and manufacturing capabilities needed to complete the entire engineering process from concept to finished product.